Sunday, September 3, 2017

Kill Devil Uitvlugt 17 year, 46%, Distilled: 12/99, Bottled: 2016

Uitvlugt (pronounced "EYFE-loot" or "IFE-lutt", depending on your accent) is a sugar manufacturer/rum distiller in Guyana that makes some fantastic rum. Guyana, along with Barbados and Jamaica, is one of the key countries for quality rum: in addition to Uitvlugt, there's Diamond, Enmore and Pour Mourant. 

This is from the excellent Kill Devil series, which is usually great and never bad. This particular bottle? It was a bit of a disappointment. Kind of thing and boring. It's got a nice first gear: fresh mango and pineapple, with a bit of pepper and nutmeg, but it just never elevates to the next level.

I was surprised, esp. given the quality of the other Uitvlugts I've tried before. Probably needed to be bottled at a younger age. 

83 pts/B-. Esp. given the price, it's nothing you need to buy. I quickly finished the bottle, but that says more about my own problems than the quality of the spirit.

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