Monday, June 12, 2017

Ultimatum Monymusk 9 year (Distilled: 3/07, Bottled: 2/24/17, 349 bottles, 46%, Cask No. 7, bourbon barrel)

This should be a winner: Monymusk, a funky Jamaican distillery and another no-bullshit, proper bottling from the Van Wees Ultimatum series: no sugar or coloring, non-chill filtered and 46%. 

It smells fantastic right out of the bottle. A lot of farmy odors and overripe fruit. The taste shows those same characteristics, but a few points get knocked off, only because the finish disappears. The first 2/3 are on point: weird, funky (I know, I keep overusing the term), spicy and not too sweet. But just when the momentum is growing, the finale is bit of a dud. Still it's lovely. I even remarked aloud, "this is really good."

Jamaican rums are like the Islays of the genre: explosive, polarizing flavors that are rarely matched by the other nations' styles. In terms of the hierarchy, Hampden is the gnarliest, followed by Worthy Park, and then Monymusk. Think of it like an Octomore/Laphroaig/Bruichladdich scheme. So if you don't want your head to explode with George Clinton levels of funk, this is a perfect entryway into the Jamaican style.

It's a two note affair of fruit and funk, and at cask strength, this would probably hit the 89 point range. As is, I'll have no trouble finishing the bottle and will probably buy a few more, given the ridiculous price.

85 pts/B. This was like $35 including shipping and is a wonderful deal, far better than anything on most Americans shelves, let alone at that price. I'm going to crush this bottle. 

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