Saturday, June 10, 2017

Springbank 16 year (1998/2014, Rum Cask #14037, 49.8%, Malts of Scotland)

Lately, I've been on a rum kick: 75% of my spirits spending is done overseas, importing all sorts of funky casks of pot still gems from Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, Fiji, etc. I wake up craving Hampden, though that may say more about my own personal problems than anything else. And then of course, K&L gets the rest of my money with excessive Armagnac purchases.

Anyway, I'm a total sucker for anything Springbank, so this should be perfect: a well-aged Springer with a rum finish from one of my favorite indie bottlers! 

A very fruity/peaty mix on the nose, and that's what you get on the palate. It's an unusual malt: the first part is strong: fresh fruit and honey, and the back end with peat and rum funk, but there's a middle section that's missing. It's like a scratched CD (remember those?) that jumps from the first part of the song to the chorus, and you feel a bit lost. It's like a bicycle the skips a gear.

That said, this is really good. It's probably a victim of my high expectations, as I wanted to be completely floored. Instead, it's just a really good fruit and peat cocktail.

86 pts/B. Almost a B+, really on the cusp. I could inhale a bottle of this: it has so much going on, but I almost wonder if this would have been better at a younger age. How heretical of me to say...

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