Friday, June 2, 2017

Marc de Champagne Veuve Cliquot (42%, purchased at Astor Wines)

Sku found this bottle on Astor Wines, and, degenerate that I am, I just couldn't pass up the chance for a bottle split. He raved about it, so I figured my choice to go halfsies was another brilliant move by me...

Well, the nose is pretty brutal. Toilet cleaner at a 7-11, urinal pucks, tequila, and various industrial chemicals. Musty and dank. If you tell yourself, "it's a white wine you're smelling", it helps trick the brain into accepting it as something fit for human consumption.

And the taste is pretty rough too: woody (like, shop wood or the Home Depot lumber section), anise spice, mint, and mezcal. The more I drink it, I get used to it, but it's just not my wheelhouse. The plastic notes are too prominent. It's got an artificial flavoring vibe that I can't handle.

I can handle Marc, as seen by my earlier review today. But this one is just...a slog. Maybe I need to train my palate? I mean, Sku *loved* it, is it possible the Great Brandy Guru and Sage of Spirits could be wrong? No, I'm blame myself and let the Jewish guilt overwhelm me.

Different strokes, I guess. 

70 pts/C-. It's speaking a language I can't interpret. I've got a half bottle of this stuff (bottle split with Sku) if anybody wants to trade.


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