Monday, June 12, 2017

Kintra Worthy Park 10 Year Rum (Cask #V140, Distilled 6/06, Bottled 12/19/2016, 241 bottles, 61.8%)

Worthy Park, a Jamaican rum distillery, produces high-ester, pot-still rum similar to the beloved Hampden of the same nation. And Kintra, this indie bottler, is doing a great job releases cask strength rum in its natural form, with no additives or sugar. Good on them! They also have excellent customer service and are quick to respond to any questions for full transparency.

Kudos to Kintra for delivering exactly what's needed in rum: a complete lack of bullshit in the spirit and the marketing.

Serge Valentin has been singing the praises of Worthy Park and giving some boffo scores (91!) to the indie cask strength releases. Another blogger that I love, RumShopBoy, tried this particular bottle but thought it was merely good, not great, scoring it an 83.

So, what do I, the king of my own delusions, think about it? Somewhere in between.

It's good, but a bit hot, even with a few drops of water. The best parts of Jamaican rum certainly shine: the funk (it fills the room before you even take a sip), rotting fruit, and spice. But there's an alcoholic/acetone note on the finish that detracts. Let's add some more water and see...oh god, I'm turning into The Krab from Diving for Plankton.

Well, damned if that didn't solve the problem. Obviously, this is a high-proof beast in its natural form at 61.8%, but with about 12 drops of water in a properly filled Glencairn, the harsh edges melt away and what's left is much better.

RumShopBoy was basically correct: at cask strength, it's too raw. Just dilute it down a bit (heresy, I know) and this is a winner.

86 pts, B. Funky and fruity, showing some of the best parts of the Islay-ness of Jamaican pot still rum. But without water, it's an 82. It might just be that this was a hotter cask, or maybe Worthy Park does better at lower proof? I'll have some additional reviews of their stuff in the next couple of weeks to solve that mystery.

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