Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Michel Huard 16 year Calvados, 1999 (Astor Wines, 80 proof)

This one is

Calvados still suffers from being overpriced and under-proofed, but when it's good, it's spectacular. This isn't one of those cases. 

It starts off promisingly: strong spice and apple flavors...and then goes nowhere. Maybe at a higher proof, it could be a gem, but this is almost like a mixed drink by itself. In that sense, I can appreciate it because it's *so* easy to sip. Having a sorority party and don't want to just serve Long Island Ice Teas? Bring this. Are you the kind of mope who enjoys rum & cokes, or adding pineapple juice to bottom-shelf garbage? You'll be in heaven.

It's nice and pleasant. You could drink a half bottle and not blink. But I need more complexity. This is junk food. Sku seemed to like it more than me. 

80 pts/B-. Nice stuff, but nothing I'd reach for at $80. Far better ways to throw away your money: speeding tickets, the strip club, gambling, or hard drugs.

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