Thursday, May 25, 2017

Laphroaig 22 year (49.6%, Malts of Scotland)

Cask No: 16032, Distilled: 1994, Bottled: 2016, bourbon hogshead. 

Do you like Laphroaig? If not, you have no taste and I don't respect you as a drinker or human being. 

Laphroaig was my first love in whisky and remains my house malt. Laphroaig 10 year Cask Strength is the best value on the everyday whiskyshelf: a bruising ~120 proof beast that never disappoints for under $60. Only a few malts can compete in that range: Springbank 10 year and 12 year Cask Strength, Kilkerran 12 year....and that's about it.

Anyway, I digress. Is this worth drinking? Yeah, my first reaction was to loudly exclaim, "Holy fuck, this is good." It's everything that's great about Laphroaig maxed out and perfectly integrated. Massive peat, lemons, rosemary, big oak and vanilla from the bourbon cask--but it's not sweet at all, nor is there a hint of astringency. All of the flavors blend together seamlessly. Find a flaw, I dare you.

91 pts/A-. Sold out now and I should have bought more--I only got this one sample and a full bottle. Granted, it was 220 Euros, but that's a pretty solid price in today's market. "But that's more than my entire electric bill," you exclaim. Yeah, some of us have different priorities, jerk. 

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