Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Invergordon 43 year (Selected by Whisky Nerds) 1972-2016

102 bottles, Cask 13-05, 49.8%.

It tastes and smells like an old wheated bourbon. Pure candy, a bottled Worther's Original candy, candy corn and Butterfingers.

I don't particularly care for "sweet" whisky, and when people describe a bourbon as "smooth", I roll my eyes and want to punch them. But this is a sweet, smooth bourbon-like grain whisky and a real crowd pleaser. I need more complexity, but how can I knock a one-note that's this good?

87 pts/B+. No, it's not complex, it's a solely a caramel and oak affair, but if you like woody old bourbons, you'll love this. Actually, no you won't, it's sold out. But you can come to my house and we'll party. You bring the strippers.

UPDATE: In a nifty coincidence, a few hours after I posted this review, Serge Valentin at Whiskyfun also gave it 87 pts! It's nice to know my palate is calibrated similarly to his, as I admire his great reviews and integrity. He's never afraid to bash bad whisky, doesn't suck up to the industry, and I've rarely disagreed with his recommendations. Neat!

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