Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hampden Rum 12 year (Duncan Taylor, 53.1%)

Cask No: 122, Distilled: 09/00, Bottled 11/12, 233 bottles, Aged in Oak Casks.

Classic Hampden nose: urinal pucks and overripe fruit, barnyard manure and pepper. It's one of those instant recognizable smells, like peated whisky.

Nobody makes rum like Hampden. Nobody! The high ester levels produce consistent, mind-melting, LSD-for-the-tongue experiences and this one is no different.

If you left me alone with this bottle, I'd just keep drinking it until they pumped my stomach and donated my rotted liver to science. Every sip brings out new flavors and the only flaw I can find is that maybe a bit more age could have made it even better.

This Springbank/Laphroaig level. Find me a better spirit being produced in the world?

89 pts/B+. I'm obsessed with Hampden. Stalker-level. Like, I actually tool around on Expedia and plan trips to Jamaica so I can buy my own cask and just drink Hampden for the rest of my life. Who needs Islay?

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