Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Doorly's 12 year Rum (40%, Barbados/Foursquare)

This is an indie Foursquare (Barbados) rum bottled under Richard Seale's "Doorly's" label. It's inexpensive at $25 but reviews have been largely positive and there is no added sugar or coloring. And considering the usual quality of Foursquare rum, what could go wrong?

The nose has pleasant molasses and nutmeg, and the palate brings more of that, with the spice developing more heavily toward the finish. It's quite nice and has oodles of potential, but it's just missing that extra gear due to the low proof. At 100 proof, or even cask strength, it would be spectacular. But the dilution really dampens everything. It's a shame.

Richard Seale is doing so much to help with rum labeling and removing additives, so why not just let it rip at cask strength? 80 proof, chill-filtered spirits are so 1992; the market has changed and boozehounds like me need more texture and lipids in our drams.

82 pts/B-. Very pleasant, and does fine on its own, but given the lack of heft, it's more of a mixer for me. At cask strength, this would probably be closer to 90 pts.

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