Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Distilled at Speyside Distillery" 18 years, 53.6% (Van Zuylen)

Sherry Butt 1001, Filled: 05/18/1998, Bottled: 6/23/2016, 297 bottles.

I can't keep giving so many good scores. I'm starting to look like Drinkhacker or even worse, John Hansell. But I keep drinking excellent bottles and I don't mess around with bottom-shelf swill like the rest of you vagabonds and guttersnipes.

This must have been a fino sherry cask or 9th re-fill Oloroso, because it's the color of Kenny Omega's hair. And it doesn't have that overly-sherried, dark fruit presence that can often overpower the original spirit (not that those are bad things, as I really dig first-fill sherry bombs).

Instead, it's drier, with lots of nice peppery spice (think potpourri) and some moderate sweetness upfront. It doesn't sound like much, but there's good depth all the way through. I assume it's a Glenfarclas, but who the hell knows. It's one of those malts that doesn't blow you away at first, but you keep reaching for it and then drunk-texting ex-girlfriends.

87 pts/B+, another dynamite pick from WhiskyBroker/Van Zuylen.  Crap, it's sold out, making this review totally useless. Well, you can live vicariously through my enjoyment and poisoned liver.

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