Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Benrinnes 18 Year (selected by WhiskyBroker) 50%

216 bottles, Refill bourbon #906, Filled 08/15/1997, bottled 2/1/16.

Not my typical wheelhouse but damn, I've enjoyed it.

You know how Serge Valentin is always talking about "whistle clean" malts? That's this one. It tastes like an unpeated, bourbon-cask Springbank (lots of vanilla and no flabby sweetness), but there's so much pepper that it's got a Talisker vibe to it. Dare I say it's ashy? It must have been an active re-fill cask, because the bourbon notes shine so strongly in the beginning.

Fantastic stuff, a total surprise that I bought on a whim. Sadly sold out now, I would have bought a case.

Wait, why am I reviewing a sold-out bottle? Isn't that hypocritical, given how much I detest when others do it? Yep.

B+/87 points. Pretty shocked by the score, but I decimated the bottle. Complex enough to mean-spirits snobs like me, but approachable for street people (well, not the homeless, they're just mentally-ill drunks who drink cheap plastic-handle vodka and pee in the street).

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