Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Four Roses OESF, 52.4% (Selected by Twin Liquors in Austin, TX)

Warehouse: AN, Barrel No. 14-1K, Aged 9 years and 8 months, Bottled: November 2015.

Continuing the "Twin Liquors" theme, I recently snagged their pick of OESF, which was generously set aside for me by their staff. Who could blame them for giving me special treatment? My ferocious integrity is matched only by my staggering humility.

When it comes to Four Roses, I'm a huge mark (wrestling term: big fan). They use non-GMO corn, interesting proprietary yeasts, and their Single Barrel is my house bourbon. It's extremely rare to get a "bad" bottle of Four Roses, and their single barrel picks are as good as any bourbon out there.

Back in the day, you could get all ten recipes easily at K&L and Binny's for around $50, but prices have eked up to $65-80 at most retailers, while supplies of the various recipes have dried up. I tend to prefer OBSK and OESK recipes, but let's try this one, with the "F" yeast (herbal). 

And yeah, that nose is herbal, but in a unique way, like Thai basil. The note carries through the palate, with perfume/floral sweetness and a dynamic spicy finish. There's a ton going on here, with a level of quality that approaches the Limited Edition Small Batch. Yes, it's that good.

Most bourbon tastes so generic. This one has spunk.

88 pts/B+. This is so good that the CIA's "Vault 7" system recording this post should alert its handlers to try a bottle. Wait, it's sold out. 

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