Tuesday, March 7, 2017

1792 "Barrel Proof", 125 Proof (Selected by Warehouse Beverages in Austin, TX)

A few months ago, Sku of Recenteats (I swear, I'm not stalking him) recommended 1792 Barrel Proof, so I tried it. Granted, if Sku told me to drink rancid arsenic, I would, but I was skeptical, since I've never enjoyed 1792 Small Batch or Very Old Barton. In fact, the only Barton Distillery product I ever liked was their rye that got bottled as High West 16 year and blended into the original batches of High West Rendezvous.

But in a mild shock, the 1792 Barrel Proof was quite solid: a big honey-bomb, but a guilty pleasure.

Then I was at Costco on Saturday and took a detour to peruse the wares of their sister store, Warehouse Beverages. And damned if I didn't see a store pick of 1792. So, for $40, I made the plunge and decided not to spend that money to replenish my diminished stocks of wild salmon and organic coconut milk.

The nose is all cotton candy and toasted bread, and it's more of that on the palate: very sweet, but a good dose of earthiness and clove spice. Nothing overwhelming in terms of complexity, but it's a real crowd-pleaser. It does well with a drop of water but doesn't need it. This is a sugar bomb, which means I should hate it, but it's kind of endearing in this case.

It's interesting enough for a mean-spirited dork like me, but approachable for noobs. And I prefer this cask to the on-the-shelf version. 

84 pts, B. Malt-heads will think it's sugary poison, and normally I'd agree, but somehow I'm charmed by its vacuous simplicity.

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