Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lemorton 6 Year Old "Reserve" Calvados Domfrontais

To celebrate President Trump's tour de force press conference today, I thought I'd review another widely-available Calvados. What's the connection between Trump and apple brandy? Zero--the same amount of journalistic integrity that so many media propagandists continue to display.

Why is there so much alcohol on the nose for an 80 proof brandy? It's smells spicy in an "antiseptic cleaner" type of way, like Lemon Pledge. It's not bad, but a tad chemical for my style, like if I continued to nose it, it would actually be considered illegal huffing because I could start to get high off the fumes.

Also, what's with the dark brown color? This is a 6 year old Calvados, so why does it resemble a 30-year-old Glendronach first-fill sherry cask? I have to imagine someone at Lemorton got a bit heavy-handed with the E150 caramel coloring or are using some tiny barrels (if not quarter casks, perhaps sixteenth-casks).

And it basically tastes like it smells: some fruity sweetness upfront, moderate generic spice, and that weird chemical/burnt plastic note again on the finish. I had no trouble finishing a glass, but that might say more about my own issues.

I want to be an evangelist for Calvados, but this bottle isn't my ministry. 

75 Points/C. Drinkable, but little more. When unwanted guests come to the house, I'll let them finish the rest and tell them it's "the Pappy Van Winkle of Calvados."

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