Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jacques Esteve, K&L Exclusive Selection, Coup de Coeur Cognac, 40%

Another great K&L pick, this is a vatting of vintages from 1979 and 1981 from a very small producer.

It's got an inviting honeyed smell, almost like a dusty wheated bourbon, but there's some nice fruit cocktail in there too.

The palate has some of those "fresh paint" notes that you get in 70s/80s bourbons. But really, it's just a delightful mix of simple fruit syrup and pepper spice, without too much oaky interference.

Allow me to be a broken record: at cask strength, this would be profound. But hey, it's still damned good and an fantastic deal at $90. Ugh, I'm talking about a $90 bottle of liquor as a "deal"--clearly, I've joined the 1% and am headed for the guillotine if the Berkeley "#Resistance" rioters get their way.

And once again, I've reviewed a bottle that's sold out. Clearly, this blog isn't even a week old and I've already made it useless. But K&L has a 10 year old from Esteve still available for sale. Or, if you want to come party at my house, I still have a few bottles tucked away. 

87 pts/B+. I wish it were cask strength, sure, but the low proof and superb balance makes it easier for me to drink a half-bottle in one night and then watch wrestling while text-trolling my friends. Easily one of the finest Cognacs I've tried.


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