Thursday, February 16, 2017

Elements of Islay: Lagavulin "Lg5", 54.8% (NAS)

It's delightfully farmy and smells like the barnyard at the State Fair: manure and hay. Or, if you prefer to step off the livestock side, it's reminiscent burnt bread and urinal pucks. Fantastic! Very true to the Lagavulin style.

And on the palate, it's a total peat explosion. It's one note, and it's playing it at 11 on the amp: grassy, fruity and huge smoke. There's no beginning/middle/end. It just devastates the tongue and you go with it. And it's that lemony peat that makes Lagavulin so wonderful, with very little cask influence.

This is better than the last few batches of Lagavulin 12 year and 16 year. I actually said "wow" when drinking it, which, for a super-villain/expert like me, is rare.

90 points/A-. Why did I only buy that one tiny sample? Time to stock up. Rather shocked at how good this is.


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