Wednesday, February 15, 2017

1983 Chateau de Pellehaut K&L Exclusive 30 year

Vintage Tenareze Armagnac, 47.8%. Distilled: 1983, Bottled: 2013.

Yet again, this bottle is long gone, so my review is totally pointless. But think of it this way: we'll get to spend these paragraphs together, as a family, and you'll be smarter for having read my brilliant writing and refined tasting notes.

In short, this one isn't quite great, but it's very good.

It smells like orange juice or Fruit Loops, I can't tell which. Let's go with the former, since I haven't actually eaten breakfast cereal in over a decade and was merely trying to sound cool with a nostalgic reference.

This is on the more honey/fruity side, but hardly too sweet, and the spice and oak really come in nicely at the end. It's not the best Pellehaut I've had, but sometimes I want something like this: easier, fruitier and not too dry.

Think of it this way: most of the time I'll reach for heavily-peated or sherried monsters, where the spirit is drowned out by the noise. That's my style: to destroy my palate. But it's nice to have some bourbon-cask Clynelish around, just to enjoy the unencumbered malt and fruit.

This is the Armagnac equivalent. At the risk of sounding like a whoring shill, K&L & Charles Neal nailed it again with another delightful pick.

87 pts/B+. Make a note to yourself: when K&L or Astor get Pellehaut bottles in stock, buy them. They're never bad, and almost aways good or great. Plus, they're so fairly priced. Wait, disregard that advice, why am I creating competition? Stop reading, go flip some bourbon on Facebook, you peons.

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